My Pie Affair

I love pie, I like the effort that goes into pie making & pie baking. It starts with making the dough. I use a huge stoneware bowl, the kind you use to bake loafs of bread.


I like  kneading the dough & rolling it out to shape for a pie dish. Then going back to the stove to check on the sweet or savory filling. Waiting for it to cool. Filling the pie base. Making a pretty lattice pattern for the pie top and then putting it into the oven to bake & watching the colors & smells that ensue from the oven.


Soothing, isn’t it? There’s something homey & meditative about it, which is why I in 2015 I’ve taken to baking pies a lot more often. I can “coerce” family, friends and acquaintances into partaking in my pie feast, which may include sweet and savory pies throughout a single day. Just before they make their escape and head for the door, I always manage to press a Tupperware with a piece of pie in it.

Yup, I dedicate my 2015 personal journey to the patience and comfort that I’ve garnered from making pie!