Linger in Flingern

Dusseldorf – Flingern! 🙂


I have taken a short blog posting break to nurse my rising panic about having to maybe leave Dusseldorf. So, here’s another ode to my favourite culinary city: Dusseldorf. It’s divided like many other cities into distinct areas with its own mini-legacies, history and habits. Today we’re going to focus on this area: Flingern. It’s the hippest place in Dusseldorf to breathe, live, eat and simply lounge around like a fat cat.

Lunching in Flingern

If you’re in Flingern in Dusseldorf around noon or later and you really fancy a bit of lunch, you’ll face this massive conundrum: Where should you dine? Where’s the best business lunch offer? You’re assailed by restaurants, cafes and little bistros. The answer to that question is: almost anywhere in Flingern. The options are endless and you can do no wrong. They’re all simply wonderful dining locations with good food, decent to above-average service and sometimes even great music.

Here’s my list  of favourites:

  1. Flurklinik (leave it to the chef to surprise you with the surprise special meal)
  2. Suzie Q (€6.90 for a set menu of soup or starter plus a main meal)
  3. a.nni (if you want a cold sandwich & an awesome coffee)
  4. Böse Chinese
  5. Luang Prahbang
  6. Hashi

Numbers 1 and 3 sometimes offer live music and happy hour cocktails in the evening. All 6 places have a more than decent wine list, so fear not about ordering a little wine in these places.

A Little Tribute to Flurklinik

(Or why you should wine and dine there at least once). It used to be a maternity hospital. There are cute, black and white photos of beaming parents with tiny tots on the wall, a small homage to its previous legacy. You can check out the hip baby clothing and adult clothing of the 60s. I even saw a picture of Chinese man in a suit. No casual or smart casual when greeting your first born, or second or third. Not sure how many kids the average family had in the 60s in Dusseldorf. You can also read the papers, listen to good music. I was lucky on my “do lunch in Flingern” day; they were playing Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. I really like the band although I would have liked it more if it was not on what seemed to be an endless-loop playlist. 😉


This is what I had, a baked potato with creamy mushrooms in a buttery sauce and loads of salad. Yummy! 🙂


One thing unique about the Flurklinik is that it offers not just daily specials but daily “surprise” specials. You get to order either a meat or vegetarian surprise special dish. This offer applies for both lunch and dinner. On the menu it’s listed as follows:

  • Leibgericht unserer Küche mit Fleisch oder Fisch (the Chef’s favourite meat or fish dish)
  • Leibgericht unserer Küche vegetarisch (the veggie alternative)