Riding the Food Train



I love living in Dusseldorf! It’s definitely the best place  to live in Germany when it comes to food. Yes, I reckon I am a bit prejudiced having kept my ass warm on the same sofa, in the same apartment, for the last decade in south Dusseldorf. A record for me in terms of staying put! Ok, but back to the story at hand. This post is an ode to my favourite food city: Dusseldorf.

It’s a food paradise, for hedonists, Epicureans, lovers of the exotic food treasure, like Chinese shredded frog noodle soup at Track21 or a cozy & affordable  British high tea in Dolcinella, or not-quite-kosher but close-enough kosher food at the Kurve, there’s no place better to nest & roost & wait to be culinarily tickled, than Dusseldorf.

Trams, Trains and Food


I live in a small flat in the south close to the university and I have a favourite food route. I take the 701 tram close to the University. I use it a bit like a hop-on, hop-off city tour bus but instead of hopping off to go to a museum (we have tons here in Dusseldorf) or Cathedrals (ok, the Cologne Cathedral is in the other direction, but there are very famous churches in Dusseldorf too) I hop off for food. The 701, 704 and 707 from the Dusseldorf main station can take you to a dozen interesting destinations but you can also just hop on and get off when a cafe, bistro or restaurant catches your fancy. You’re bound to be tempted to stop. 🙂

I caught the 701 into town and stopped first at Poccino’s and then snuck a peak at Michele’s, which is just next door. They have daily specials for lunch and it’s a nice place for a business meeting, so I’d say dress smart if you’re headed there.

I was trailed by dead birds on my way once I got off at the stop closest to Poccino’s.  I have no idea why. Is it getting to be a bit too warm a winter? Are they confused? Are they rejects from a Hitchcock remake of the Birds film? I mourned the dead birds & found a new cafe in Nordstrasse (new only to me, it’s been around for a while) Cafe au Midi. It’s tucked away in a little corner alcove, practically secluded from the main street. It’s quiet, there’s a jewellery store, a fancy hairdresser’s and a dress shop (with very limited edition stuff) in that nook. What more could a girl ask for when on a lonesome trip into town? I strongly recommend you get your daily ration of coffee, cake and more here. Like Michele & Poccino, they have daily specials for both meat eaters (moi!) & also some vegetarian fare.


2 thoughts on “Riding the Food Train

  1. Thanks for the recommendation of new places of “culinary delight” in Düsseldorf. I know Dolcinella’s and Kurve already and like them, but also the others seem worth a try. I might even venture out on a trip with the “food train” (aka 701) one day …

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