& I would walk 2.5 km & I would walk a 100 more


Singapore isn’t really known for its athletes or it’s athleticism. You can’t get us to walk, not often, not much. It’s too hot, too muggy, too humid, we say but we’ll walk miles for a particular dish that we’re hankering after. I had no such hankerings, I wasn’t even homesick, I was simply lucky! I live in Dusseldorf and there’s simply no where else better to live when it comes to food.

If you have the time and money, you could eat out in Dusseldorf every day, 365 days a year, 366 in any leap year & you still wouldn’t have discovered all that is to discover.

Guess what I discovered recently? FUYU in Immermanstraße has a tiny, little hole-in-the-wall bistro with great food and a very content-looking,  manly “large-size” chef. The food is great. I had the hot, sweet soya bean milk, with fried chicken, braised pork with rice and spring rolls. I know how bla the latter sounds, but this wasn’t bland or boring. When you bite into it you get this wonderful waft of sesame oil and there are thin strips of cooked, shredded chicken it. 🙂 Yum…

IMG_20151014_151424818 IMG_20151014_150625838 IMG_20151014_150622065 IMG_20151014_150614007


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